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I’m Sarah. This is my blog, and if you are a SETSS provider, SEIT, or a one-on-one interventionist, or any kind of special education teacher you are in the right place!

A picture of Sarah the SEIT (author of the blog) with her dog. They are wearing matching sweaters.

Welcome to a blog for SEITs by a SEIT

I started this blog because I looked for a good blog for a SEIT or one on one interventionists for years! I would find lots of things geared towards classroom teachers or parents, but nothing for highly specialized teachers working out of a child’s home or classroom. Given how we as SEITs have to change our techniques so often and the unique field we operate in, I found this shocking! So I started it myself!

I’m a one-on-one interventionist who specializes in working with children with severe and multiple disabilities. I’ve worked with kids in the general education classroom, students in ICT classrooms, and kids who need to be homeschooled. I’ve worked in the special education field with families for almost six years now. Over the years I have had to adjust what I teach as my students advance or I start new cases. I have had to learn a lot of different techniques and strategies, and I want to pass that along. Let me help you learn new strategies to work with kids and feel confident in what you do!

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