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Fun Winter Math Activities

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Let’s face it, the time after the holidays is kind of a downer. Winter break is over. There are no more Holidays to look forward to. January seems to take forever. That’s why I compiled this list of my favorite fun winter math activities. To make the time go faster! 

I really hate January. 

My mother would probably say that’s like hating 1/12 of my life, but I disagree. I don’t hate the whole month, just the concept of it. 

It’s cold. The holidays are over, and there’s no bright and shiny winter break waiting for me at the end of the month. 

When you’re a teacher, January just seems to last forever! 

So to make the time go by faster, I’ve compiled this list of fun winter math activities that will get your kids engaged and make your planning life much easier! 

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We play Bingo with math facts at the end of every Friday in my classroom. 

It makes a tremendous motivating game for my students because they know in order to play, they have to finish all their work for the day, and keeps the Friday vibes from killing my instruction for the whole day. 

When I teach special education, I have kids in my room who are all of all different ability levels. Some kids know multiplication very well, while others have never seen it before.

That is why I usually use addition and subtraction bingo to give all students equal opportunities to play! 

That’s why I designed these special Addition and Subtraction Bingo game with a cute winter theme! 

My kids love the retro-looking snowflakes and enjoy the coverslips snowflake graphics! 

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I always forget about shapes. Most IEP goals I see focus on fact fluency. That’s great, but learning your shapes in elementary school, helps build the knowledge needed for geometry when you get older.

So this winter, you can send your students with special needs off with a good foundation for more advanced math skills. 

I use a presentation with engaging clip art that keeps my kids focused on the presentation. Additionally, clickable buttons allow them to come up to the smart board and make their selections.

One of them once asked me if we were going to play “that shapes game today,” which is the greatest compliment ever. 

I love when they’re having too much fun to see they’re learning.

And if you’re looking for more practice and making sure kids have a chance to show off what they’ve learned, I recommend going with the bundle that includes worksheets and assessments.

Then you’ll have a whole mini-unit all planned out, with no effort on your part!

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Now in my mind, no list of fun winter math activities would be complete without mentioning crossword puzzles.

My love of crossword puzzles and their benefits is well established. I did a whole post on their benefits. Click here to read.

While these might not be winter themed, I give them out to my students as extra credit work or for early finishers. 

They’re wonderful ways to practice regrouping or basic multiplication and general math facts.

Plus, since so many IEP goals focus on fact fluency, they’re a wonderful way to help kids with special needs achieve their goals. 

I like to keep all of them on hand since kids in my resource room are learning so many different skills. 

That’s why I made this bundle that includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division! So teachers can help students at all levels.

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These are just a few of my favorite fun winter math activities. I love all of them, and they do help my least favorite time of the year pass just a little bit faster. 

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